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Deticker II – Tick Removal Device


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Ticks are a natural part of the outdoors. But some of them can pose a danger to humans and pets alike. The DeTicker has been developed to efficiently and safely remove the tick from ones skin, without leaving part of the Tick embedded in the skin.




The De-Ticker was designed to grab the tick and hold it—spring loaded—without destroying it, allowing a turning motion of the device with the tick.

When ticks attach to the host, the “mouthpart” (generally referred to as the head) is inserted into the skin. It is covered with a large number of fishhook-like barbs, which resist being pulled out. Using force and pulling generally result in the mouthpart or even larger parts of the tick tearing off and remaining imbedded in the host, causing all kinds of problems including infections.

The barbs do not resist the “gentle-turning method” of the De-Ticker.After 3 to 5 turns, the barbs have widened the hole in the skin sufficiently, to allow the tick to slide out of the host, easily, completely and consistently.

The pressure of the spring-loaded claws of the De-Ticker is designed to hold the tick firmly for removal, but will not destroy or “squash” the tick.If allowed, the tick will walk away after removal when opening the claws.