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ACR – Hot Shot – Signal Mirror/Whistle Combo


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Keeping your emergency-kit up to date could save your life.

This Signalling mirror/whistle combo can be used in many situations. The holographic “red-dot” viewing window quickly finds the optimum sighting spot for a bright, focused signal. When the target image, mirror, and sun are in proper alignment, the red dot ensures the mirror’s reflection is on target. The Hot Shot Signal boasts a buoyant design, so it can be easily recovered if it falls overboard.

The whistle emits a piercing sound to allow detection.



  • Designed to provide optimum sighting “spot” with holographic red dot viewing window
  • When target image, mirror and sun are in proper alignment, red dot on target ensures mirror reflection is on target
  • Telescope quality second surface reflective mirror is bright, provides focused image
  • Buoyant float for easy recovery if dropped overboard
  • Patented whistle (meets USCG) for audible alerting in low visibility conditions
  • Lanyard for securing to person or liferaft
  • Simple to use